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Tjin Au Yeung
Front-end Developer

I'm a Bachelor of Architecture turned developer with a passion for the web & an eye for design _


I love the web.
During my studies I developed a particular interest in the meeting point of design & technology.

As a front-end developer I connect the two fields by creating delightful UX/UI and applying good software practises.

I do my best work when I'm in a team of creatives & engineers who also love what they do.

When I'm not coding you can find me prepping for my next big trip or eating 点心 in Chinatown.

Currently my biggest interests are React.js, Node.js and software architecture.


  • Usabilla 2016 — now

    Front-end Developer
    Worked on a range of projects such as the dashboard and filters of our Single Page Application and on an internal theme editor.

  • Codaisseur 2016 — 2017

    Front-end Teacher
    Tought introductory courses on front-end development to new academy students.

  • Codaisseur
    2016 — now

    Fullstack Trainee
    Traineeship on Fullstack web development.

  • Freelance 2015 — now

    Webdeveloper & Graphic designer
    Worked on small web and graphic projects for i.e. Fritzkola & de Tolhuistuin.

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